Thorough Academic Feedback, Simplified

Farewell to conventional marking!

Claim back 73% of your time!

  • Avoid Repetition.

    You won't enter feedback twice ever! Awardee's AI-based marker stores, organises and retrieves feedback when relevant.
  • Automate Pre- and Post- tasks

    Automate file renaming, grading sheet preparation, and assignment redistribution, just a few to name.
  • Have A Built-in Quality

    Never miss parts of student assignments, post wrong grades, or give inconsistent feedback/grades
  • Share The Workload

    Have many markers AND cohesive feedback by sharing the feedback, marking behaviour and grades among markers.
Leave the details to Awardee's AI

Three Simple Steps

Load Students Assignments
Dump them all at once using the drag-and-drop feature or load them from different platforms, including Moodle, BlackBoard and Canvas.
Mark The Assignments
You are not alone! Awardee AI will assist you in the marking. As a result, you will produce high-quality feedback while saving effort and time.
Return The Marked Assignments
Send the marked assignments to students using email or another platform, including Moodle and BlackBoard. You also can download them